Monday, September 12, 2005
For Some Reason All My Font Is Bold And My Title Had To Be Made Bigger

This week I was watching the US Open. Now, up until now, I thought tennis was just hitting a little green fuzzball back and forth. And it is. But there is something different about tennis. It just seems so much more pure than the big sports- football, basketball, and baseball. All of those seem to be filled with scandals and steroid accusations and stuff like that. Tennis however is just pure player Vs player. There is no worry about steroids or how much one players salary is. Also, in tennis, if you win, you get all the glory, and if you lose, it's not because everyone else on your team screwed up. I think i might get into tennis. Also, on a different subject, my sister thinks it would be good to run for student council at my school. I have already written about that (it's the second post to the bottom).

I like the big and bold font. Student Council could use you.
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