Saturday, July 02, 2005
Nothing Going On The Summer

Can you blame me for not updating? There is nothing really going on this summer. Right now I'm at the Jersey Shore for the 4th of July. Oh wait. I thought of something now. Just the other day I was watching TV (not a big suprise) when I saw a really annoying commercial. We have all heard of the popular kids CDs Kidz Bop. They are pop songs sung by kids. Well, these songs are bad enough when they are sung by the original artists, but they take to the next level of badness by making some bad kids sing them. Those are bad enough, but what I saw was terrible. It was one of those Kidz Bop CDs called Worship Jamz. What could be more fun than bad songs sung by bad kids? Religious bad songs sung by bad kids. Wait, just whenI thought it couldn't get worse, they say "These songs send a message we can all enjoy!" Yeah, if "we all" means christians. That is one of the most biased commercials I have ever seen.

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