Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Deep Thought

Well, with end of the year, standardized testing approaching, I have been mentally preparing my self. In my deep meditations, I have stumbled across a most interesting fact. "Ugly" is a funny word to say. Ug, LEE. Think about it. Also, Burger King commercials, used to be worth making fun of. Hey, I even had a previous post about one. But now they are just either a wierd guy in a mask or abstract cartoon characters dancing to kazoo music. Both examples are just... creepy. Yet they are better than the deep voiced backround guy for the Hardee's commercials.

If ugly was a subject.... you would be smart


you should know who this is

There are so many insults to comeback at that but I will only say one.
If ugly were a sport, you would be athletic.
*Sigh* There are so many ways to explain your uglyness because you have so much... but i will only say one

If ugly were a fat kid... you'd be matt

get it eli...like ugh LEE!! like ur cousin!!! duh...or go LEE! or stupid LEE!!! lol see the pattern here..yea...

<3 annie
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