Monday, May 30, 2005

Ok. I haven't posted in a while. There are several great reasons for this like, oh, my computer broke down and no one can fix it or I had to work on... school? But the real reason why is when ever I do get to my other computer, I end up playing a game. Yes. That's the reason why I haven't updated for a month. A game. But in that month I have also seen the new Star Wars. In my opinion, it was a lot better than the other recent two, but it still lacked the greatness and depth of the characters in the originals. I'd tell you what I thought about the other two, but I already posted about that. Oh yeah, I realized something about the guy who plays Count Dooku. It's Saruman from Lord of the Rings! I couldn't help but think what was a worse death for him: being trapped in a tower by an army of trees (LOTR) or being at the mercy of an old man and a wimpy teenager (Star Wars). Ok, well, I'm going to update more now.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Deep Thought

Well, with end of the year, standardized testing approaching, I have been mentally preparing my self. In my deep meditations, I have stumbled across a most interesting fact. "Ugly" is a funny word to say. Ug, LEE. Think about it. Also, Burger King commercials, used to be worth making fun of. Hey, I even had a previous post about one. But now they are just either a wierd guy in a mask or abstract cartoon characters dancing to kazoo music. Both examples are just... creepy. Yet they are better than the deep voiced backround guy for the Hardee's commercials.

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