Saturday, April 02, 2005
Final Four

UNC is in the Final Four. Woohoo! Michigan State is going to be very hard to beat. Not woohoo! The everyone says that Carolina's defence is awful and therefore they will lose. Em, no. UNC actually has a very good defence. It's just their offence is so good that it makes their defence look bad. If that makes sense. Rereading... Ok, so that's a little weird sounding, but Carolina's D is intense. If they play tough and intense, they will win. They certainly have the talent.
There are a lot of commercials in this tournement. Ok. Everyone watches this, but still. Two of the frequently shown commercials show Mike "I'm not going to try spell your name". There are two reasons I don't like this. A: He's a rat face. And B: No doubt there are several talented high-school students watching the game. What kind of message does it send to these students to see Coach K everywhere. They are going to want to play for him. Hey! Commercial people. His team didn't even make the Elite 8! Gawd (Haha, I spelled 'God' Wrong)!

dad says you shouldn't call coach Kysskdfjalsdjfkl a rat face but even so that is a hilarious picture!! Go Heels
YES!!! THEY WON YES YES YES!!! WHOWHOOO!! kyle says congrats! yea!! im so glad they won!!!

- <3 annie
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