Monday, April 25, 2005
Finally, A Post

It just so happens that the week after the play was a major testing week. Sorry. Anyway, I got to watch some good TV this weekend. The new XXX movie stars Ice Cube. Wait, Vin Diesel does the first and then does a kids movie, and vice versa for Ice Cube. Another commercial that is funny is the plastic pajama commercial. How do they get those kids to get up there and say that kind of stuff. "I will not be controled by my problem." The whole concept of having a bet wetting problem that ruins your life is hilarious. It sounds like the plot for a Jim Carrey movie. I gotta go now. Happy Passover.

Friday, April 15, 2005
Nothing To Write About So I'll Write About Nothing

There is nothing to talk about now that the college basketball season is over. Except for that Wake is screwed because Chris Paul is going pro and maybe Eric Williams. UNC won't be that great either but they're getting some great freshmen. I haven't had anytime to update because I am in my school play and we have it all the time. The play is Bye Bye Birdie. ALL THE TIME. Also, I have been discouraged because blogging has become a small issue at our school. You know, kids giving their names and stuff. My site has been refered to as nothing but an obsession about UNC basketball. Not all of my posts are about UNC. Only about 95 percent of my posts are about UNC. Wow, I really have nothing to talk about.

Saturday, April 09, 2005
Box Stores Starting with "Wal" Need To Die

Yes, that means WalGreens and WalMart. At first I just thought that their commercials were creepy/boring/annoying. I mean, who wants to hear about some family who goes fishing a lot? Ok, so many companies have irritating commercials. Then I noticed that their stores are huge, oppressing, and ugly. Not only that, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. I mean, in my town, they are building two WalGreens within about two miles from eachother on the same street. One is across from Eckerds! I geuss that they will both live because they sell Tums and are next to a McDonalds. And last, they are completely destroying all small, local businesses. "Wal" stores need to die.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005
To Many Possible Titles

There are to many possible titles for this post but I only want to talk about one. The one Carolina won. WOOHOO! THEY WON! Now I can stop counting the one they one in the 1920's to say that UNC has won more than Duke. Ha. Ha. I need to go soon so... YAY! THEY WON! UNC UNC UNC!

Saturday, April 02, 2005
Final Four

UNC is in the Final Four. Woohoo! Michigan State is going to be very hard to beat. Not woohoo! The everyone says that Carolina's defence is awful and therefore they will lose. Em, no. UNC actually has a very good defence. It's just their offence is so good that it makes their defence look bad. If that makes sense. Rereading... Ok, so that's a little weird sounding, but Carolina's D is intense. If they play tough and intense, they will win. They certainly have the talent.
There are a lot of commercials in this tournement. Ok. Everyone watches this, but still. Two of the frequently shown commercials show Mike "I'm not going to try spell your name". There are two reasons I don't like this. A: He's a rat face. And B: No doubt there are several talented high-school students watching the game. What kind of message does it send to these students to see Coach K everywhere. They are going to want to play for him. Hey! Commercial people. His team didn't even make the Elite 8! Gawd (Haha, I spelled 'God' Wrong)!

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