Thursday, March 24, 2005

The only thing better than having your favorite team in the NCAA tournement is having your favorite team in the NCAA tournement and it being spring break at the same time. I can feel it. UNC is going to win the National Championship. Villinova is going down. Everyone is ready for spring break. I mean, we are watching The Lion King in school. It is definately time for a break. But while I am mentioning the The Lion King, what happened to those old, great Disney movies? The great animation, memorable characters, funny and good plots. Now the animations all... pointy and dark and the plots are bad and the characers stink. And they are making bad sequels to good movies like Mulan II. Yep. Did I mention that the Heels are going to win. Sweet.

I figured out that thing and it's not the "curse of the Final four." Thank goodness! For your sake, I hope the Heels advance, but I am rooting for Louisville.
hey lisha its lillian and sydney and sydney is the coolest cat in town yay spring break
Unc= #1

woop because u haven't upddated ur thingy... we are in the final fourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr woop
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