Thursday, March 10, 2005
Lack Of Posts Gives Me A Lot To Write About And An Extremely Long Title

Ok, I finally got to come to the computer to blog. So much to say... Alright. #1 is: HOW BOUT THEM HEELS!?!?! That was an amazing performance by the whole team and Sean May (26 points, 25 rebounds, eight consecutive double-doubles). I mean, Duke just doesn't give up those kind of leads with that amount of time left. That was a great game. #2 EXTRA EXTRA, WAKE STAR, CHRIS PAUL, WAS FOUND SEXUALLY HARASSING JULIUS HODGE ON THE COURT. Not really, but Chris Paul did intentionally hit Julius Hodge in the crotch. Actually, according to Julius Hodge, he was hit in the privates. C'mon. You're in college, not pre-school. #3 When I was flipping through the TV channels the other day, I came upon a Nickelodian (if that's how you spell it) show where they openly said 'boobs'. THEY CAN'T DO THAT! It's the #1 kids network. Maybe they should get Julius Hodge to write their scripts for them. #4 Who saw those Lady Heels on Monday? Blowing out Duke in the ACC Tournement. That was great. Tar Heels were led by Ivory Latta. #5 Last and least is when I get pestered so much until I have to mention someone on my blog. I devoted a whole two sentences in this post for you, "I'm not going type your name."

Sydney is the coolest cat in town and your blog is hip. Haley warships Sydney!!!!!
Ivory latta makes funny faces....like vytas
i think ivory latta is a really good bball player... YAY THANK U ELIJAH!!!

Where's the blog on the ACC Tourney??????
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