Wednesday, February 23, 2005

How 'bout them Tarheels. Maw, get the shovel and find a possum, we're eatin' tonight! Man, I could not be happier about that win tonight. This game proves that the heels can win on the road agianst a scrappy, motivated team without their star player. That should give the team a lot of confidence. Quentin Thomas needs it and then he'll be a very solid player. But I am feeling very good about Reyshawn Terry. It's cool that he was my councilor at camp this summer. And Scott's three at the buzzer. I am annoyed because they played that stupid Alltel commercial like 50 times. I mean, it's a great commercial, but after the 30th time it just...GOD! Any way, I think they can win at Maryland this Sunday without McCants.

That is cool that Reyshawn Terry was your counselor. I like the Geico commercial, too, although I'm experiencing some technical difficultlies with the volume on my laptop. Have fun at rehearsal ALL afternoon on Sunday!
Rashad McCants isn't a good player! EVERYONE thinks he is our best player... but just to let u know.. HE ISNT and he ISNT ALWAYS GOOD he has a couple of good games and everyone is in AWE! HE ISNT GOOD AND NOT OUR BEST PLAYER HE IS NOT GOOD

-sis (lilly)
lily my friend, i like totally respect your opinion on like almost every single thing in like the world, but seriously, mccants is quite good, and we need him to win a national championship. he can create his own shots, which frees up other guys to make the shots in their own somewhat more limited repetoires. and he icewater in his veins, except for now, with the IV and all, when he has saltwater in his veins.
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