Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is my second three letter titled post in a while. Any way, VH1 was the first non-cartoon channel I started watching (besides ESPN) , because it is conviently in between the two big cartoon stations. When I started watching it, I thought I was so cool because I wasn't watching baby shows any more. But recently, I started to realize that all they care about are celebrities and clip shows. I swear, they are going to have a "greatest clip show" clip show one day. But the celebrity thing. Their reality slogan is "Celeb-reality, It's More Interesting With Famous People." C'mon. I think that regulars on their shows besides the ones on the "I love the what evers" sign a contract that says "I,_____, promise that I have no life what so ever and hereby promise to comit to constantly obsess myself with the personal events of others lives." The only thing sadder is a thirteen year old who watches them and blogs on a regular basis. Wait. Forget that last part.

VH1 - yes, I remember when that actually meant Video Hits and you watched music videos on it instead of the much maligned clip shows. Hey, the other thing I remember is going to the launch party of MTV and watching the famous first video that was broadcast, "Video Killed the Radio Star." Little did we know what all else would eventually kill the "radio star" or broad-casting for that matter...
I like VH1!! But I have to say that I really don't care what "Mini Me" is peeing on on the latest episode of the surreal life.

yayy i watched that episode of the surreal life! I don't know why because I really dislike surreal life. I was just bored and that was all that was on. Anyway, I like VH1 too. Except for all the celebreality crap.
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