Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Here Come The Dukies

Maybe it was just a coincedence that the day after I wrote about the weather, it was 70 degrees and sunny. Maybe it's an omen that Carolina will beat Duke. Some say that Duke will beat UNC because they're better. No. If they win, it will be because it's so hard to win in a tiny stadium filled with blue, half naked colledge guys and high pitched screaming girls. Carolina better win to prove that they can win on the road. See, I come from a family with a tradition of hating Duke. When my sister was little, she saw coach I'm not even going to try spell his name shouting at a ref. She said "sit down wat face" (wat is rat for children to young to pronounce R's). My dad then said "that's coach Rat face, darling. Duke is arguably the best 3 on 3 team in the ACC, but they have nothing other than that. Duke has no great talent outside their big 3. They WILL lose. Mwahahaha.

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