Monday, February 28, 2005
Ah, A Commercial To Trash

I have found the perfect commercial to mock. We have all seen the 'check into cash' commercial. You know, the catchy little jingle. 'You got a money mayday? Check into Cash!' Well that's cheesey and all but the actual commercial is awful. First, the actual thing that they're advertising is bad. With high interest rates, Check Into Cash will steal your money. And the way they sell it... They have a rather elderly woman at the grocery store waiting for the cashier. She says to the lady in front of her(a complete stranger) something along the lines of 'My checking is low. I don't have enough money to get through the month.' Good. God. Who says that to a stranger. Of course the lady says 'check into cash.' The first lady smiles as if it was so clear. 'Check into cash!' Wow. This store is going all out. They have got a little mascot thing going. Hey, they even have a beanie baby of the mascot. Ah yes, check into cash is now among the Amazing Spiral Hover Disk and Gogurt in worst idea(s) ever.

hay hay hay... the disc thing is not a bad idea.. i thought is was quite a cool toy.. on the other hand.. go gurt was pretty bad idea

SIS (lilly
hey eli,

havent seen the comercial yet, but iiim sure i will soon, but wow, a beanie baby?!

sorry i cant spell for my life
MMMMM nothing like advising when you dont have anything better to do than check you blog.

Kid with the glasses
i couldn't have said it better my brother. uh yo yo woof woof my home dogies whats a crackin?!uh...ya so....cool is me
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