Monday, February 28, 2005
Ah, A Commercial To Trash

I have found the perfect commercial to mock. We have all seen the 'check into cash' commercial. You know, the catchy little jingle. 'You got a money mayday? Check into Cash!' Well that's cheesey and all but the actual commercial is awful. First, the actual thing that they're advertising is bad. With high interest rates, Check Into Cash will steal your money. And the way they sell it... They have a rather elderly woman at the grocery store waiting for the cashier. She says to the lady in front of her(a complete stranger) something along the lines of 'My checking is low. I don't have enough money to get through the month.' Good. God. Who says that to a stranger. Of course the lady says 'check into cash.' The first lady smiles as if it was so clear. 'Check into cash!' Wow. This store is going all out. They have got a little mascot thing going. Hey, they even have a beanie baby of the mascot. Ah yes, check into cash is now among the Amazing Spiral Hover Disk and Gogurt in worst idea(s) ever.

We Are The Champions, My Friends

Wow, three ACC basketball posts in a row. I gotta find a good, mockable commercial or some other dumb media thing. Any way, that was some game last night. I think that this proves that the Heels can get a national championship. They will be able to if they are determined, but many times this season (including last night) they got sloppy and tired. I need to find something new to talk about.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

How 'bout them Tarheels. Maw, get the shovel and find a possum, we're eatin' tonight! Man, I could not be happier about that win tonight. This game proves that the heels can win on the road agianst a scrappy, motivated team without their star player. That should give the team a lot of confidence. Quentin Thomas needs it and then he'll be a very solid player. But I am feeling very good about Reyshawn Terry. It's cool that he was my councilor at camp this summer. And Scott's three at the buzzer. I am annoyed because they played that stupid Alltel commercial like 50 times. I mean, it's a great commercial, but after the 30th time it just...GOD! Any way, I think they can win at Maryland this Sunday without McCants.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Start Your Tractors

Tonight is the NC State vs UNC game. Usually, I wouldn't update about this game, but with State rolling on a 2 game winning streak and Rashad McCants and Marvin Williams being hurt, the Pack might upset the Heels. But to ease the nerves, let's have a State jokes: Why did NC State get astro-turf? Because they couln't keep the homecoming from queen kept grazing! Haha. Get's me every time. I also look forward to seeing that new Geico commericial during the game.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
New Games Page

I have updated the games page. It has some flash movies, too. To get there without this, it's the first on the archive menu at the top right.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is my second three letter titled post in a while. Any way, VH1 was the first non-cartoon channel I started watching (besides ESPN) , because it is conviently in between the two big cartoon stations. When I started watching it, I thought I was so cool because I wasn't watching baby shows any more. But recently, I started to realize that all they care about are celebrities and clip shows. I swear, they are going to have a "greatest clip show" clip show one day. But the celebrity thing. Their reality slogan is "Celeb-reality, It's More Interesting With Famous People." C'mon. I think that regulars on their shows besides the ones on the "I love the what evers" sign a contract that says "I,_____, promise that I have no life what so ever and hereby promise to comit to constantly obsess myself with the personal events of others lives." The only thing sadder is a thirteen year old who watches them and blogs on a regular basis. Wait. Forget that last part.

Friday, February 11, 2005
Duke (Which I Hate)...(Very Much)

This is the second time that I wrote this because in the middle of publishing, my connection died. I hate this. But I hate Duke more. Very more (yes, I know that didn't make grammatical sense). Yes, Duke. You know, all Duke artists are mocked until they change profession. I mean, THEY'RE SO UGLY WITH THAT BODY PAINT. And Shavlik Randolph is a 6 foot 10 skeleton with a buzz cut. Yes, I hate Duke. The only sports related thing that almost comes close to equaling my hate of Duke is Vytas Danelius scoring.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Best Flash Movie Ever

Maybe I only think it's funny because it's 10 on a weeknight. Linky Link Link.
Say, two posts in one day!

Here Come The Dukies

Maybe it was just a coincedence that the day after I wrote about the weather, it was 70 degrees and sunny. Maybe it's an omen that Carolina will beat Duke. Some say that Duke will beat UNC because they're better. No. If they win, it will be because it's so hard to win in a tiny stadium filled with blue, half naked colledge guys and high pitched screaming girls. Carolina better win to prove that they can win on the road. See, I come from a family with a tradition of hating Duke. When my sister was little, she saw coach I'm not even going to try spell his name shouting at a ref. She said "sit down wat face" (wat is rat for children to young to pronounce R's). My dad then said "that's coach Rat face, darling. Duke is arguably the best 3 on 3 team in the ACC, but they have nothing other than that. Duke has no great talent outside their big 3. They WILL lose. Mwahahaha.

Monday, February 07, 2005
I Hate The Winter/Patriots Post

In Virginia, you might enjoy a winter wonderland of snow and cancelled school. In South Carolina, you might experience nice, balmy weather. But in the state of North Carolina, you would experience cold weather and rain and any snow that might cancel school is immediately followed by a 50 degree day and then the temperatures drop again. Bottom line, this winter stinks. As I enter my fourth consecutive, uninterupted week of school, the strains on me are both mental and physical, as it is cold and dark in the morning, therefore making it hard to blog. So, along comes the Super Bowl. A chance to raise my spirits by seeing the Eagles beat the "I win because of the tuck rule" Patriots. But, no. They won. I hate the Pats, winter weekend eating science projects, and this winter.

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