Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Wake The Neighbors

Well, I can't say anything about the Wake basketball team until they lose in the tournament to UNC, but I can sure as heck make fun of their slogans and merchendise! When Wake first started making those tie-dye tee shirts for their students and started advertising their slogan "Wake The Neighbors," I thought it was clever and good for a small school starting to have a big basketball program. When they first started mass producing the shirts I thought, 'good for them.' Then I started seeing my dorky friends wearing them around school. I got over it. But at the ACC tournament last year, some older wake fans stood up in the tie-dye shirts and started chanting 'yeah! Wake the neighbors!' I also got over that, but started getting a little annoyed, not just by that, but because I couldn't and currently can't get that stupid little song that they play at the games and on commercials out of my head. And then today I lost all respect for the campaign when I saw a rather elderly woman exiting the grocery store wearing the updated 'Wake the nation' shirt while on her walker. Wake, despite beating UNC, I like your basketball program, but I dislike your advertising very much.

Wake is better than Carolina.

From the kid with the glasses thats not porter
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