Monday, January 31, 2005
First Year

Happy birthday pointlesstuff.blogspot.com! You're a year old today! Like many of my posts, this one is being done in science class. Some teachers are not very organized. My teacher told us about the test I just took Wednesday. She said we should study over the weekend. But this weekend was the weekend that the class needed most for the project she assigned. And I also needed to watch the tar heels play! And they played great. I mean, you have to be beating a team by 50 to be able to put in your scrubs with 8 minutes left!!! Ok, time for lunch. Happy birthday my website!

hey dude it laura i love the blog. im writing during library skills. i have braces now they hurt but i look soooooooo cute dude. my bball skils have improve a lot. ohhh yay i have all 3 lord of the rings in extended addition. hahaha
i love the 90s part deux yay
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