Thursday, December 16, 2004
A Tribute To Jessica Cole

At a young age, Jessica Cole was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was taken care of. After that, Jessica was a normal girl, playing 4-square and soccer and such on the playground, making friends... But then in third grade the news came that the tumor had slowly grown back and they would need to operate. Jessica left in third grade for her surgery and soon after we got a video of her saying that she'd be alright. In fifth grade Jessica was at school, participating in school projects, even joining the school play. But then we heard the tumor was back and they couldn't operate again. Jessica was put on chemo therapy. Jessica continued to fight the tumor all through fifth and sixth grade. She even got a solo in the winter concert. All seemed well. But at the end of sixth grade, she slowly started getting worse. It seemed impossible for her peers to comprehend that she might not make it. She started showng up at school fewer and fewer times until she stopped in seventh grade. A short time before winter break, Jessica took a decided turn for the worst. Late in the night of December 15, 2004... Jessica Cole was gone at age 13.

As I sit here now, remembering all that I can remember about her, I realize how strong she really was. Though everyone was breaking down around her and she knew the inevitable, she never gave up hope. Jessica Cole was an inspiration to my community and she will always live on in our hearts.

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