Thursday, September 09, 2004
Sheer Brilliance

Well. This is just one of those things that I ask myself repeatedly. Why do people buy this product? The product? GoGurt. For all of you who don't know, GoGurt is a yogurt that is eaten from a tube. What could be more fun that eating yogurt from a tube? I could just picture the guys who invented this. 'Bob! Bob! I just had a vision. What if we made yogurt that you ate from a tube?!? We could call it GoGurt!' 'Yeah, I like it Jim. It's just like an astronaut.' No wait. It gets better. Their advertising campaign is 'GoGurt, yogurt on the go.' Then there are a bunch of kids playing a sport and eating GoGurt. You know my question, 'What could be more fun that eating yogurt from a tube?' Well, the answer is eating yogurt from a tube while playing basketball, soccer, or other physically demanding sports. GoGurt gives the Amazing Spiral Hover Disk a run for its money in my 'Worst Product Ever' contest.

I must say I 10000% agree ... but the sad thing is, the youth of today have fell for it hook, line, and sinker! Grocery carts are full of gogurt LUNCH boxes. It is sad!
Now these kids think they can do anything because they have the gogurt. You know what ends up happening right THEY JUST SIT AND WATCH TV .......... with the GOGURT of course!
Do you know how easy it is to may yogurt?
sad huh!
dude, (btw, u r the only person i have ever calld dude, well maybe the youngest human of the family, human as in walls on 2 legs, so u still qualify)

i tried that stuff cuz my sis wanted it , its slimy
"Well." is not a sentence....again

I'm very sad to find pudding in a tube (Hershey's Squeez n Go portable pudding) taken off the market. I'm 28 and I've taken up the sport of running, attempting my first marathon in November.

I can't begin to tell you how much more I like pudding than those awful Gu things. Pudding in a tube was a great way to make sure I didn't pass out on those 13 mile runs. It may have been gimmecky for kids, but now I'm lamenting its disappearance.
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