Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Man These Guys Are Good

I was watching the womens gymnastics portion of the olympic games last night when I saw one routine where the girl did a bunch of dancing with her flips and stuff. I thought 'that isn't so great. I can do that.' I proceeded to get up and try. There are so many words that could describe me. Ungraceful, clumsy, in pain, stupid... Those are just a few. In minutes, I was on the floor, panting and holding my hand which I had whacked. 'Ok' I thought. 'Maybe I'm not that good.' Those guys are awesome. But those judges... Oh see that dive there. She may have pointed her left toe too much. Oooh, she splashed. Those judges are relentless. I mean, the girl just did a quadruple what ever. Those olympic athletes are really good.

hey, dude, i have a correction, those aren't the judges, they're the commentators
thanks, they r amazing
Actually, Crazy, did you notice the judges were incredibly critical?
well, they were but the divers normally got better scores than the commentators said it would be
Hey, do u even know who crazy is, i am related to u stuffwriter
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