Sunday, August 15, 2004
Despair, Utter Despair

To all my cousins and people who might be outside this state reading this, you are so lucky. I find myself sitting here one day before school starts, practically strangling myself. I mean, most of the time, I am bummed that school is starting, but I'm happy to meet the new teachers and students and see my old friends again, but this year I just don't care. How come they couldn't have made that law for N.C. schools earlier. Seriously. No one wants to go back to school in the middle of August. It's terrible.

Parents, either.
what North Carolina school law?...

u r so unlucky! im going to the beach tomorrow again for a week...just wanted to rub that in your skinny little face. we dont start until the 8th of september. sorry. i <3 u! mwa

= ) annie
get a kings dominion, hehe, kings dominion law
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