Friday, June 11, 2004
WooHoo! I'm Updating In The Summer!

I've got two things to say. One is, I went and saw the new Harry Potter movie recently. It kicks the other two movies butts. Still, I find the Harry Potter series to be somewhat repetitive. I mean, Harry gets in trouble before he goes to school. He then suspects something and continually gets into trouble. Near the end, he makes a big run through several obsticals and comes to realize that the problem was really coming from who he least suspected. Then he gets some amazing fight that he's supposed to die in and barely gets away to go hug is friends and laugh. Next year, the same thing happens.
The other thing is about slip'n slides. They stink! You hardly get wet and they rip a layer of sking off your chest. I saw this Pirates of the Carribean slip'n slide and I thought 'wait a minute! Isn't that the same slip'n slide as before with a crossbones?' Also, the commercial for it is terrible. It's like watching an old japanese movie. And there are several stupid things in it like a close up of a kids head while he says 'arr!' There are several other things like this product like the Shrek Operation game. It's the same thing except the clown is fat and green. Products like that might be alright sometimes are ruined by their commercials.

yet, we still raced to finish the 5th HP book!!!!!!!

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