Saturday, May 15, 2004
My Best Golf Game

I usually am incredibly bad when I play golf, but today I did alright. Well, alright for me (I got two bogies in seven holes). It didn't start out to well, though. First, I had to drag myself off the couch and get out there. Then when I got out there, there were two freaky little kids out there, and I don't why, but they started laughing at me. That was really wierd for me because I was about to laugh at them. I mean these are two little captain Americas, golf shoes, 5000 clubs, pants pulled up to their chests, and even had a tee time. I almost hit them. Then when my dad and I teed off number 1, but there were to many serious players behind us. But soon we got started and I did well but got frustrated. I had this beautiful chip onto the green. Well, I really tossed the ball up there because I was so mad, but I still played my best game ever.

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