Thursday, May 27, 2004

I'm sorry that I haven't written anything lately, but you better get used to it, because it's SUMMER VACATION!!! So stop checking once a week and start checking once a month for new posts until September. Until then, I hope everyone has an equally sugar induced, sunburned, lazy summer as I do.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Why The Simpsons Rock

Lately, I've heard talk from my friends about how South Park, Futurama, The Family Guy, ect. are great. I was distressed by these remarks. Why do they even bother to watch these when there's The Simpsons. When I told them how superior the Simpsons was, they disagreed. This happened in one episode, one person said this...So? The Simpsons has all the great main characters, remarks, and actions nad if they just had that, they would be an average animated comedy. But they're not your average comedy. They have something that no one else has. Secondary characters. That's it. These other shows have some secondary people that show up once in a while, but this show has many funny secondary characters that show up all the time and are always great. Disco Stu, Sideshow Bob, Flanders, Doctor Nick, Lenny, Moe, Barney, Carl, Mr. Burns, Nelson... There are so many. What makes them so great is that they're spoofs of real people.
Dr. Hibert=Bill Cosby
Flanders=Super Religion Man
Comic Book Guy=Any Treky

These characters make the show great and any other show is obsolete compared to the Simpsons.

Sunday, May 16, 2004
Crazy Game

Our soccer team had our championship match today. I've told you about them. Five foot nine 14 year olds and me, the tiny 12 year old. First a thunderstorm rolls in and I thought we weren't gonna play. Then when we went out there, we couldn't find the team, but it turned out that we were playing on this huge championship field with stands and everything. Well, we don't have enough players in the beginning and went down really early. But we tied it 1-1. Soon after the goal I took a cannon shot in the stomach and had to sit. With the shot backed up by an intestinal parasite, the pills that I need to take to get rid of it that kill my stomach, dehidration, and heat exhaustion. I sat out trying not to vomit in the third quarter. I forced to play in the fourth though. We ended up losing 3-1. During my sick quarter, one of their players grabbed one our players shirts to keep him from scoring a break away goal. Our parents got really mad. Later one our players did the same thing and this annoying kid on the other team who had been complaing the whole game tried to hit one of our players. One of our parents got so mad at the kid, he said this 'why don't you just shut the - up, you whining little -'. The other teams parents called one of our dads whiny crybaby. There were many conflicts in the game and several injuries, and though I got sick, I had a good time.

Saturday, May 15, 2004
My Best Golf Game

I usually am incredibly bad when I play golf, but today I did alright. Well, alright for me (I got two bogies in seven holes). It didn't start out to well, though. First, I had to drag myself off the couch and get out there. Then when I got out there, there were two freaky little kids out there, and I don't why, but they started laughing at me. That was really wierd for me because I was about to laugh at them. I mean these are two little captain Americas, golf shoes, 5000 clubs, pants pulled up to their chests, and even had a tee time. I almost hit them. Then when my dad and I teed off number 1, but there were to many serious players behind us. But soon we got started and I did well but got frustrated. I had this beautiful chip onto the green. Well, I really tossed the ball up there because I was so mad, but I still played my best game ever.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I now have a comments system. Just telling everyone who knows my name, don't use it and for everyone, try not to use profanity.


I got stuff to say. This thing is one that many people can agree to. Sports Illustrated is awesome. The way they covered the Ketucky Derby was so great. One guy wrote how everyone loves Smarty Jones, the horse from the wrong side of the track. Right after, Rick Riley writes about how he hates Smarty Jones because he does 124 seconds of work then rests for a year. SI just plain out rocks.

Monday, May 10, 2004
I'm Not To Happy With Sports Right Now

Things aren't going my way in the sports world right now. At the beginning of the baseball season, things were going great. The Red Sox were kicking butt, they were at the top of their division by three and one half games, and were four and half ahead of the Yankees. But then, things turned went bad as soon as the Tarheels lost their to be star freshman, which added on to my list of ACC killers. First the ACC is getting expanded. Then Deng left the Devils, which is fine by me but it kills the league. And now, the freshman thing. After that, the Sox lost five in a row and are now fighting the Yankees for the top of the division. Hopefully things will improve.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Funny Matrix Crack

Watch a funny Matrix crack. http:/www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/158218. Then click watch movie.

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