Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I have not updated in a while so, here I am updating. I don't have any critiques or anything, so I'll just write about what I've done lately. This isn't like me, but I'm having writers block right now. This weekend I went on a 14 mile backpacking trip. I came back exausted and played in the first round of a soccer tounement. I play with people too old for me and I get pummeled. So it's me, an undersized 12 year old playing with 14 year olds who are getting ready to play highschool football. I have yet to sustain any fatal injuries. Today is also my mom's birthday, so happy birthday to her. I'm sorry this entrie hasn't been about important issues, like a Burger King commercial, but I had to write something and I promise I'll write about something you care about tomarrow.

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