Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Christopher Paolini, Why Write Your Own Book When Tolkien Can Do It For You?

There is a new best selling novel on the book market called Eragon. I read it and immediatly was captivated. By chapter three or five, I realized something. I was reading the Lord Of The Rings. Sure, dragons aren't in the Rings, and some other things are kind of original, but most of it's a ripoff. Let's see... Simple boy finds great power-Frodo
Tries to hide it but old experienced guy finds out- Gandalf finding the ring
Go to use the great power against dark lord- Saron
These are just a few examples. Some other things that get ripped off are Aragorn, Farimirs group, the ring wraiths (several times), Osgiliath, the large resisting empire Gondor, Orcs and Uruk-Hai, and the Shire. There are a couple of others and there are some that aren't even hidden. The Elves come over the sea and civilize the world. COME ON, CHRIS!!!
Still, even though it's completely derivative, it's a really good book and I enjoyed it. Read it.

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