Thursday, April 29, 2004
Hah! I Told You I’d Write Something Interesting Soon!

There is a popular kid-teen book series written by the author Anthony Horwitz. His stories are about a 14 year old, British secret agent. I read the first book, Stormbreaker, and couldn’t get enough of the guns and cars and crazy stunts to fight against a madman. I finished the book in a week. I thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever read. That was when I was nine. Since then I have realized that the book was nothing but stupid, senseless killing. I realized that from chapter one (which I have read several times because I thought it was so cool) that the whole book was a big action kill fest with almost no plot what so ever. In the book he stopped a crazed man from killing people with small pox. Of course I had read the second and third book to find out what happened. Each book had its own madman with a demented sidekick trying to do something impossible. The most you could get out of this series is how to make a snowboard form an ironing board (which really happened in book two).

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I have not updated in a while so, here I am updating. I don't have any critiques or anything, so I'll just write about what I've done lately. This isn't like me, but I'm having writers block right now. This weekend I went on a 14 mile backpacking trip. I came back exausted and played in the first round of a soccer tounement. I play with people too old for me and I get pummeled. So it's me, an undersized 12 year old playing with 14 year olds who are getting ready to play highschool football. I have yet to sustain any fatal injuries. Today is also my mom's birthday, so happy birthday to her. I'm sorry this entrie hasn't been about important issues, like a Burger King commercial, but I had to write something and I promise I'll write about something you care about tomarrow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Christopher Paolini, Why Write Your Own Book When Tolkien Can Do It For You?

There is a new best selling novel on the book market called Eragon. I read it and immediatly was captivated. By chapter three or five, I realized something. I was reading the Lord Of The Rings. Sure, dragons aren't in the Rings, and some other things are kind of original, but most of it's a ripoff. Let's see... Simple boy finds great power-Frodo
Tries to hide it but old experienced guy finds out- Gandalf finding the ring
Go to use the great power against dark lord- Saron
These are just a few examples. Some other things that get ripped off are Aragorn, Farimirs group, the ring wraiths (several times), Osgiliath, the large resisting empire Gondor, Orcs and Uruk-Hai, and the Shire. There are a couple of others and there are some that aren't even hidden. The Elves come over the sea and civilize the world. COME ON, CHRIS!!!
Still, even though it's completely derivative, it's a really good book and I enjoyed it. Read it.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004
Why Are We So Lazy?

Humans are the laziest things on this planet. We worked our way up and finally, when we reach the top of the food chain and make all other animals obsolete, we become lazy. This is just an example of our laziness. First we couldn't run, so we tamed horses. Alright. Then we became lazier and made cars. Now this is an extreme. We couldn’t roll down the window, so we had to make a little button to do it for us. And we couldn't be warm or get comfortable by ourselves in two seconds, so we made seats that heated up and reclined. Maps require too much effort. Let's spend an extra 500 bucks on a navigational system, and DVDs and other useless junk. This is just one example. I mean, I’m being lazy right now, using spell check and stuff. In fact, whoever invented the software that I’m using to write this is lazy. ‘Hey! I’m to lazy to make a site so I’ll create a software for me and all the other lazy people out there!’ Wouldn’t be easier to just make your own site instead of making the whole software?! Back to the car. While we were busy making a literal car pool, we forgot that we eating away the ozone layer. We can spend millions of billions of dollars making these cars, but we can’t spend that money pioneering new, Earth saving, technology. We’re all lazy bums. All of you. Even the hard corporate genius who works 16 hours a day. HE RIDES THE ELEVATOR!!

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