Thursday, March 04, 2004
How Far Will You Go To Make Student Council?

This year was our grades first year to have a shot at student council. I thought that I would run to have the experience. I wrote my speech, talked to people, wrote letters... all the usual required stuff. But some kids went overboard about it. Posters aren't really my thing and some people did that. But this is what got me. Someone was giving out Hershey’s Kisses. I asked for one and the person said 'You can only have one if you vote for this candidate.' WHAT?!?! It’s student council, not the presidential election!!! Why the heck are bribing kids to vote for you? Why are you so desperate? It’s not like we have any power. All we do is organize dances and spirit weeks. They brought us the issue if we should sell something for the school and we rejected it. A week later the teacher announced that we were going to sell it. Oh well. I’m in it until next year.

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