Friday, March 26, 2004
Attack of the Pale Geeky Fans

There are always huge, can't shut up about it, fans of a video game, but some Halo fans are getting out of control. I'll be talking about something random in the game like blowing up a car or throwing a grenade at myself and then a Halo freak will come up and say something in Halo language like 'did you use the plasma assualt vehicle with extra gita traction?' NO! I was playing to flip a tank, not to recover the xerman gergen. There's nothing you can do to stop some geeks from being obsessed with a game, but Halo fans will ask you every week 'have you joined the fan club now?' It's really annoying. My dorky friends and I talk about some weird strategy game, but we never force people to join our talk or club or something. With Halo fans, you never get a break.

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