Thursday, February 19, 2004
Yet Another Commercial Critique

There is a new Burger King commercial where there are kids on a bus and one kid has a fairy god brother. When the kid tells someone about him, the fairy god brother says 'fairy god bro.' From that moment on, I knew I would hate this commercial. Then the kids wish for Burger King and he says 'done and donner.' What? Is that supposed to be a ripoff of dumb and dumber? Do the producers of these commercial think that a stupid thing like that will make us laugh or make thier nasty burgers sound more appealing. Burger King in general is just really cheesy. What older kid is going to buy a big kids meal? The commercial goes on with more stupid lines and quotes. These stupid, cheesy commercials only make me like McDonalds and other bad fast-food burger places more.

your right that comercial is stupid,but their food is alright.
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