Sunday, February 01, 2004
Chef Boyardee Shoplift

I'm sure some of you people out there have seen the Chef Boyardee commercial where a little girl asks her mom at the supermarket if she could have Chef Boyardee. The mom says no and the girl gives one last forlorn look at the can of noodles and goes away. Later, she discovers that the can has magically come to her house. Well, this is what the girl may think, but what happens when the mom comes in and discovers that she has the can? She's gonna think the kid shoplifted it! At the end of the commercial this voice says that the product is really good. This commericial is saying 'Hey! We have a really good product, so come and steal me from the shelf.' I think that accidently putting indirect insparation to shoplift your product in a commercial is pretty funny.

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