Sunday, February 01, 2004
The Amazing Sprial Hover Disc, well not that Amazing

There is a new product out in stores called the Amazing Spiral Hover Disc. It's an alien saucer shaped balloon thing that you throw and it spins and it hovers. It says so and shows you in the commercial. It makes it look so cool. Oh, and another thing, on the commercial it's filled with helium. Now, isn't helium six times lighter than air. That may affect the outcome of how it flys.
Also, when the kid throw this giant, oddly-shaped balloon inside, and breaks a pot, the parent's gonna make the kid go outside, right. 'Throw, oh no! Watch out for that tree! POP!'
This is how I feel. Buy a balloon for 25 cents instead of spending 20 bucks for this piece of junk.

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