Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Always Looking on the Grim Side

Have you noticed that it seems like people always look at the bad parts of life. People always seem so upset because their plane got delayed or something. But why can't they seem happy when their planes not delayed. You always hear storys of how a car crashed and two were killed and everyone breaks up about it and they should. But they can't seem to appreciate the billion cars that didn't crash and the millions and billions of people who didn't die today. If we took the time realize the good things that happened instead of just the bad, I think we'd all be much happier.

American Idol Setups

I can't say that I like American Idol, but I can't criticize people for watching it, because I watch my own crazy huge show. But what I hate is when people say 'can you believe how bad that person was?' I think people know when they're bad at singing and aren't just going to go make a fool of themselves on live T.V. I think they're paid to be bad so Simon can hammer them and people will love it. Also, my sister once said to me 'someone threw water on Simon!' I think that was rehearsed and I think they do that just to give the show new twists. Big hit shows like that will do anything for more money and popularity.

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