Saturday, January 31, 2004

Peasants Quest

This took me so long to beat. Dumb and awsome. Click Here

Super Mario Shotgun

This game may not be the traditional Mario game, but, hey! You have a shotgun. To play the game, click here.

Poke the Bunny

This game may seem stupid at first, but it has some suprises. To play it, click here.

Badger Racing

Bet on the badger you think will win the race. Yay badgers! To play, click here.

Tank Destroyer

This game is addictive, but the animation is really bad, but it's so bad it's good. To play it, click here.

Yeti Sports

Forget just the Yeti Bat, here's a site full of Yeti Games. Click on English, and then, play online. To play click here.

Rocket Bob

Not a rocket, not a Bob...Link

Flash Movies

Duck Tales 2

Wow. To many parodies. Ducktales 2.


Makes you think. Kind of. Link.


Not even a flash. Why do I even have the link?

All Your Base

Making fun of a bad japanese video game. Haha.

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